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Using the APIs

NewsBuilt use a variety of APIs to retrieve and modify news content.

All Supported APIs* have generous free plans; many are via Rapid API.

The APIs have 3 types:
  1. Search Engine, also 3 types:
    • Article
    • Video
    • Podcast
  2. Extractor: get full text/HTML (optional, Article only)
  3. Shortener: share short URLs to social media

Sample Article Search Engine/Extractor combinations:
  • NewsAPI/Extractor: full-text solution
  • GNews/Ujeebu: full-HTML solution
  • ContextualWeb/Aylien: via Rapid API
Mind your API usage!
5 full-text Articles = 1 Search call + 5 Extractor calls
5 = 1 + 5
* Your API keys and limits are on the home page once you log in. All APIs require a key, except SoundCloud (via web search). Please request any API not yet supported.

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