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Scheduling Tasks

Tasks can be scheduled to search and/or post news by the hour, day or week.

Scheduling just the Find News task lets an editor share the best results.
You can schedule post/share tasks, but they may be negative!


  • Task: each task is like the NewsBuilt site button of the same name
    for freshness, Find News runs prior to concurrent tasks
  • Hour: hourly or time of day
  • Day: daily or day of the week
    in UTC time, shown in bottom right for reference
  • Active: enable the Task in the scheduler ✓
  • Log: report process/error messages to LOGS ✓

Task Logs

  • Size: number of lines in task (such as criteria count)
  • Info: resulting item count, errors, etc.
  • Timestamp: initial time
  • Elapsed: time elapsed

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